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Believe it or not, most people are scared of money. That's why they try to get it out of their hands as quick as possible. Learning the language of money can help you overcome this fear.


The way you behave with money stems from what you believe about money. Changer your perspective and change your behavior.

When it comes to money learning how to count it is the most any of us ever got in school. If we're lucky we had parents that took it upon themselves to learn a strategy or two, but money reaches so far into our lives that it should be among the focal points in school, right up there with reading and writing.

Becoming well versed and implementing a few strategies in these key areas, has the potential to break poverty cycles and allow low-income and middle-class Americans a seat at the table of generational wealth.

You'll notice that the course material is very informal as it's not designed to be a complete education but instead an eye-opening experience to lead our students down the path to asking the right questions and seeking the best coaches and mentors to help them execute their wealth building game plan.

Understanding the Fundamentals in a Few Key Areas Can Change Your Financial Life